Exploring and managing
business context in real-life



co:on is a context-aware, people-centred business app, which allows you to capture and analyse work situations and operational incidents in real-time. It helps people in organizations to instantly capture issues and record their needs for improvement within their context.

co:on links the encountered situations to a company’s business drivers and major operational dimensions –like cost-efficiency, growth-effectiveness, service-quality, and customer satisfaction–, thus leading to completely new business insights grounded on real-life data.

co:on has a strong focus on enabling users to easily and efficiently collect context information, which it couples with environment data (e.g., geographic- and in-building- location, temperature, humidity, pressure, ambient light and noise, and more) from sensors in the phone, or over Bluetooth in the phone’s vicinity. These pieces of information are combined into an innovative, structured view of potentials for operational improvements and excellence.

The co:on app is available for Android and iPhone, and it’s backend workbench and analytics components are web-based, ensuring a smooth and efficient deployment in practically any business environment.


mobile app

  • Easy- and fast-to-use
  • Instantly captures work and business situations as they occur
  • Supports both structured and unstructured context information
  • Enables the collection and sharing of photos, videos and text messages
  • Supports rating of incidents using a variety of rating scales
  • Supports a range of sensor technologies for the collection of environment data
  • Available for Android and iOS


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  • Customizable context dimensions, business drivers and topics based on company needs
  • Flexible management of individual and organizational information
  • Real-time monitoring of incoming data
  • Support for both anonymous and eponymous incident reporting set-ups
  • Easy viewing and editing of context data records




analytics & insights

  • Business driver analytics based on encountered real-life situations
  • Comprehensive context analytics on individual or departmental level
  • Built-in data exploration support for serendipitous discovery of problems and of new insights
  • Support for predefined, targeted reports with multiple types of charts
  • Easy integration in organizational Business Intelligence pipelines
  • Advanced add-on components for the deep analysis and mining of unstructured textual information


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